It’s Monday again, and again there is no movement on any front in the job arena. I feel like crying – have felt that way practically since I woke up. I don’t really know where else to turn. I’m getting ready to try a couple of temp agencies after I drive down to workforce. I need to find out what my benefit resources are.

This feels so bad. I know it’s a situation and not really my “fault” per se. I still know I needed to leave Cox. I’m just really scared sometimes.

My weight is still up and I feel awful about it — not to mention feeling awful physically. I haven’t even been walking.

Mom is going home this weekend. It’s crazy because, as much as I hate having to wait on her, I will miss having another person around.

And Jen is going to Chicago again, in March.

I need a job. I need money. I need someone big and strong to cuddle me and tell me I’m loved.

The Patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Jen and I are going to drive Mom home and watch the game with Dic.
Kathleen A. Gagne