I got a job today — with the Alachua County School Board and Americorps. At less than 2/3 of what I was making at Cox. What am I thinking? How the hell am I going to do this financially? I guess I have 2 or 3 choices — a part-time job, a home business (a la wreaths), or getting published again. Or, of course, I could win the lottery, a few thousand a year — hehe.

I hope Susan calls tomorrow — I want to tell her about how I react when I feel good — as if the boom is going to drop. It’s scary.

I need inspiration to write a great book, an Olympic book, a book as perfect in itself as Sarah Hughes’ skating tonight in Salt Lake City. I’ve always thought it was in me somewhere — how do I get to it? Why do I want to write, anyway?

I’m really glad I joined the writer’s group. I really like some of the people. and it’s nice to have people to talk to.
Kathleen A. Gagne