Ok, so here I am at an Episcopal Retreat House in Oviedo, just down the road from UCF. It’s an Americorps PD quarterly meeting.

Met some nice people. Mary, the state coordinator is still clueless about my skills, but others are figuring it out.

I guess I don’t really need for them to know how smart I am.

I need a man.

I already miss Jen. I resent having to be away from her. And then she’s leaving for 18 days on the 23rd. And then she’s leaving for 6 mos. in July.

I guess I’m doing okay here. I need to find out about the pain in my arms & legs.

David will be in Florida Wednesday.

So, does anyone know who I am? Or what I would be really good at?
“How come existence?” John Wheeler, Quantum Physicist.
Kathleen A. Gagne