Jen and I drove to Sarasota yesterday to pick up David — He was Ryan and Melissa Tober’s best man. Then we drove to Daytona to see Mom & Dick and then back to Gainesville (Practicing for June!).

I worry about David. He got really drunk the night of the wedding and was very sick. And he’s still dipping. And he denies it all. (“I hardly ever drink. I only dip once in a while.”)

He’s really so good, such a wonderful person, but he still doesn’t know. I wonder if I could have done better by him.

Everyone there adored him. Ryan’s mom told me David had turned Ryan’s whole life around!!! Ryan said David had made the wedding week perfect, and Melissa loved him for what he did. All the parents adored him. And the guests all thought he was great.

Jen and I just wanted to hug him, to be with him. He’s the other part of us, the piece that we really miss.

My beloved son in whom I am well pleased and for whom I still hope. May he find peace in his heart, in his soul.

And my beautiful angel Jen is turning 27 tomorrow. And off on another adventure. Alabama to Chicago to the Trail.

I want her to be happy, but I think she doesn’t yet realize where her happiness is.

I will really miss her this time. It has been so good having her here! She says so, too. There is a new, even more wonderful closeness between us. What a treasure!
Kathleen A. Gagne