I was watching Home Shopping Network (or one like it) and feeling pretty down. Tony Robbins came on. It was funny. He was selling his program, and I wanted to call and give him a hard time for selling it instead of giving it away.

And then I realized that I had it, the whole thing, on disc, from Barbara, so I listened to the first part. I’m going to listen to it again tomorrow. And then again. Until I can turn my life around.

Jen’s back in Chicago. David is in Music Biz. I miss them both terribly, but I’m doing okay. I’m alone in town and I’m living a life that’s mine.

I had Amber and Nic here from 10:00 Saturday until noon today. It was great fun.

I need to find time for me — to figure out what I really want. I’m going to start out by feeling grateful.
Kathleen A. Gagne