Jen and [redacted] got here about ½ hour ago. I guess I’ll get to spend about five hours with Jen and then I won’t see her until the end of September. That’s about 6 weeks. But then, I think she’s staying a week.

I want to write about Pudge, a stray I had picked up. I gave him a name because I didn’t like just calling him a stray. I was going to try to be his foster mom, but it turned out that he has heartworm, a really bad skin condition from fleas, his eyes are oozing pus, and his ears are infected, and he’s missing a few teeth. He’s pretty afraid of people. And they’re going to euthanize (sp) him soon because I don’t have the $1000 or so it would take to get him to where he would be reasonably healthy — if he could even survive the heartworm treatment. The vet there said Pudge would be “quite a project” and, “if I wanted to save a dog, I should save a young, healthy one because they have to kill a lot of them, too.” I guess I’m the only being on the planet that doesn’t think Pudge should just be thrown away. And I can’t figure out a way to do anything. Unless I could get someone to give me a couple of thousand dollars …
Damn. God-damn!
Kathleen A. Gagne