It’s been forever since I wrote last. Lots of things have stayed the same, some have changed.

I didn’t have the colonoscopy in November. It was much later than that and it was okay. Now I’m facing a D&C, ugh, because my uterine wall has thickened. She doesn’t think she’ll find anything, but she wants to be sure.

Jen’s been away since June 26. She’s coming home for my birthday, but she’s only planning to stay a week.

Neither Jen nor David has a clue about just how much I hurt because they’re so far away. When David comes home at Christmas, it will have been a whole year since I saw him last.

Whey did they both have to go so far away? Why do none of my dreams come true? Why am I so alone and so fat?

Sr. Fran died Feb. 11.
Kathleen A. Gagne