I sent this email to my mom’s friend from her church:

Thanks so much for sending this information. Do you also have any details about her current medications and schedule for taking them? That might be helpful to have.

[My wife] and I had to put our dog Buddie down yesterday, and we are both very, very sad about it. He was the best dog I ever had and I already miss him so much it’s indescribable. This has not been a good couple of weeks for us.

She replied to me about an hour later (at 9:11 AM PDT) and said:

Really sorry to hear about your dog.

I had a chance to call the Senior Home Care number and they mainly specialize with wound care. They recommended I call Levin Home Care.

I called Levin Home Care (386/615-9222) and spoke to the owner/manager, Ken Patton, who told me that they have a variety of services and are quite flexible. To go to Kathie’s appartment once a day to help her take her meds would cost $17 a day (their hourly charge for just one hour of service is $17, but for multiple hours it drops to $14.50 per hours starting at 2 hours of service). He has a variety of prices for different services. An example of services could be med assistance with meal preparation for that one hour charge. You can call and get a more extensive list of services.