Sophia Mas at Stewart-Marchman sent me the following email describing what the facility is like:


I am glad that you are keeping your sister abreast of your mother’s stay here – I will try to get a conference call soon when you, your sister & possibly Dr. Caliendo – not sure it will be today, but certainly this week – I’ll try – let me know when is a good time for both you & your sister to be available? –

Your mother has an assigned bed & room – sh has bed sheets and as many blankets as she wishes – she can keep 3 sets of clothing and we wash clothes & towels daily (why the clothes/laundry basket in their room) there are 3 beds in her room – she may not always have the same room-mates because this is a Crisis Stabilization unit where the average stay is 3 to 5 days but she has been in the same room since she arrived – There is a sign on her door w/her name in big letters because she gets lost – The unit has 2 wings – the nurse’s station overlooks both wings – The larger wing has a large communal area where there is a TV chairs & tables and clients can do puzzles, paint, write & draw, talk to each other or watch TV – One to two groups are conducted in that area during the day & afternoon shifts – there are 6 rooms at each side of the hall one side is assigned to females and the other side males – there are 4 full bathrooms on both units there is a screen porch at one end of the hall where clients have their snacks between each meal,( we have a nutritionist who plans 3 full meals a day and snacks) usually fruits, milk & cookies, etc… the screen room opens to an outside patio where there are picnic tables and a baseball court – there is also a large grass area surrounded by a tall wooden fence approximately 20 ft tall – Perpendicular to the Nurse’s station is another unit w/the same configuration yet smaller it has 4 rooms on each side of the common area – The larger unit where your mother is has access to the smaller unit and the smaller unit has access to the hallway that leads to Dr’s office, the exam room (where clients get a physical when they come in to determine if they are able to stay in our facility w/out further medical needs – ex: shunts, non-ambulatory etc..), the cafeteria and the arts, crafts room & the therapists offices – Our bed capacity is 30 – we have two teams – Your mother is on team II – Team I has a Psychiatric nurse practioner, a nurse, a therapist & discharge planner – Team II has a Psychiatrist – Dr. Caliendo, the day nurse is usually Judy, a DC planner, Rodney & myself the therapist – there is an approximate ratio of 1 staff per 2 to 4 clients – assigned on the floor besides the teams. There are cameras monitoring the common areas (not the bedrooms or bathroom for privacy ) however there 15 minute checks meaning staff makes sure we know what each client is specifically doing every 15 minutes – during the day we make sure that everyone is out of the room and participating in whatever activity is offered including vitals – at night a staff checks the bedroom q 15 min. to see if they are OK – I check the unit each morning after getting an update from the Nurse and spend time w/each client & sometimes bring clients to my office that need more care & we usually meet as a treatment team & see the clients together w/ Dr. Caliendo who sees clients usually regularly & is kept abreast of any needs or changes in client’s status. Everyday there is visitation allowed in the dinning room from 1 to 2pm and from 6:30 to 7:30pm – I hope this gives you a better idea of where your mother is and what goes on here – I know she is not able to give you much –

I wonder if you or your sister are planning to come and visit & help w/your mother’s transition to her return to her apartment or to a group home or if you’ve discussed maybe moving her closer to Seattle or CA.

Take Care,