My mom’s friend from her church called me. I couldn’t get to the phone, but here is a transcript of the message she left me:

“David, it’s [name redacted]. About one o’clock Eastern standard time. I’m on my way out to Stewart[-Marchman] to bring your mother some of her clothes, like, y’know underwear and undergarments, and her own clothes, hoping that will make her feel a little bit better and I just … It was really hard to visit her the other night. She seems to be very much over-medicated. She seemed very out of it. I mean, very out of it. If you could talk to her doctors about adjusting her dosage or whatever they have her on, she’s like, almost zombie-like, it was just … not a good thing to see. It was very heartbreaking. I couldn’t get her to look up. She stared at the floor the entire time I visited her. She talked to me but she talked to the floor. It was really difficult. I’ll talk to you later. […] I’m going out there now to take her some clothes. […] Talk to you later. Bye.”