I received this email from Sophia Mas at Stewart-Marchman:

David & [name redacted] 1

Dr. Caliendo will be available between 2:00-2:30 to 3:00-3:30 pm our time – I can call you around that time to give you the phone# you need to call & we’ll be ready – I am afraid I do not have the capacity to get you both at the same time, I believe you do so it will be best that you call w/[name redacted] and we can all discuss your mother’s condition.

We’ll talk tomorrow


I replied to her (and copied my sister) at 12:42 PM PST:

Dear Sophia,

Yes, that is fine. Call my number — [redacted] — and I will handle conferencing my sister onto the call.

1 I’ve removed my sister’s name, but feel it is important to note that Sophia again spelled it incorrectly — even though by this point she has seen it spelled correctly at least a dozen times — and she didn’t spell it the same way she spelled it incorrectly in the previous email.