I sent the following email to Sophia Mas at Stewart-Marchman:

Hello Sophia,

(1) Can we please schedule a time and date for the conference call in advance this time? I can be available any time, day or night, any day this week. But it is much, much easier for me if I can plan for it ahead of time in case I need to reschedule an existing meeting.

(2) Why do you suggest those two resources — the Partnership for Prescription Assistance and Halifax Health Patient Assistance — may be helpful? Helpful in what way? I don’t quite understand why you gave me them. Do you want me to call them? If so, why?

(3) I have still not received a return call from Maria at Lakewood Retirement. Her lack of professionalism when I was able to finally get her to answer the phone, combined with the fact that she both (a) failed to ever reply to my original two voice mail messages and (b) failed to call me when she specifically told me she would, do not exactly make me feel confident in her ability to provide long-term care for my mother.

(4) I have also still not heard from Rodney Curtis at all, even though you and Dr. Caliendo both indicated to me that he would be contacting me when he returned from vacation one or two Tuesdays ago.

Thanks in advance,

David Vincent Gagne