Sophia Mas called me from Stewart-Marchman ACT and, according to AT&T, we talked for about thirty-six minutes.

Here are my notes from the call:

Sophia Mas called in response to an email I sent.
called to explain why she sent me two resources with no context or explanation

  1. # for prescription assistance, help people pay for Rx
  2. Halifax, provides medical care for low-income individuals, and has its own pharmacy

Rodney got on the phone; he was making excuses for Maria (in response to my emailed complaints)
said I wasn’t supposed to be talking to Maria “yet”
said Maria concerned about who is going to pay for Rx & doctor visits
insisting Maria won’t take mom without someone who can pay for Rx and doctors; obviously implying that I should be paying for my mom
I asked about how to start the application process for Medicaid
Rodney said he would email me information about ElderCare in Volusia County (I don’t think he ever did this) 1
said Elder Affairs is a state program and it could take over a month 2
Rodney said he would talk to me by the end of the week
Rodney left the room & now only Sophia
Sophia said I need to find out where mom is on the waiting list for an assisted living Medicaid waiver, said I need to call 386 253 4700 – Council on Aging
said “OSS” is through federal government
Sophia said mom’s meds were increased because she was throwing herself at doors, but they were going to lower them now because she seems to be doing better
Maria (from Lakewood) told Sophia that dogs & cats are okay at Lakewood

1 Update 09/14/2012: I can absolutely state that he never did this.
2 It actually took over nine months.