Sophia Mas at Stewart-Marchman sent me this email:


In response to our phone conversation here is the information:

1. Elder Helpline ph#s 888-242-4464 or 904-777-2106 [open7:30am to 6:30pm./ Eastern standard time]
Your mother was accepted into the Waiver Program “waiting list” in early Dec.
Questions to ask:
· Where is KG on the waiting list?
· How can we speed up the process?
· Any other question you may have…

Call The CARES Program ph# 904-238-4946 – they are the ones who screen for preadmission to nursing facility and or alternative placement like an assisted living facility through the Waiver Program
· Have they received the referral from Elder Affairs and if they have where is she in the waiting list?
· If they don’t have her ask what you need to do to get her in there?

Call Council on Aging ph# 904- 253-4700 [HOO 8am to 4pm EST ] leave message/messages – they will eventually call you]
They are the ones who provide the service or complete the request by assessing what services need to be provided for your mother:
· Type of Living Facility
· Medical Care
· Medications

I hope this helps – take care,