I had a fourteen minute phone call with Maria from Lakewood Retirement, who finally returned one of my calls this morning.

Here are my notes from the call:

Maria from Lakewood called & I conferenced [my little sister] into the call

  • said mom is not receiving “Part A” or “Part B”
  • said Sophia told her mom was on waiting list
  • said Sophia wanted Maria to come get mom

Apparently there are two separate processes: (1) Medicaid and (2) ???
during this call, Maria suddenly seemed more competent than anyone at Stewart-Marchman
Maria suggested they lower dosages of Rx because mom was so lethargic
[redacted] is Maria’s cell phone
said she needs to make sure to “cross her Ts and dot all the dots”, doesn’t apparently know what “average” means (when [my sister] asked the average age of residents at her facility, she just kept telling us the min and the max)