A discharge coordinator, Rodney Curtis, called me from Halifax Hospital. He said that he called “a few other” ALFs but that he keeps “encountering the same resistance” when trying to find a place where mom can go because of concerns about paying for her prescriptions.

Shady Oaks was one of the places he called.

Rodney told me that Leo is a temp nurse.

I felt like Rodney was really trying to convince me to have mom discharged to Lakewood Retirement.

He said that he would call Dr. Shoemaker to see if he would see mom pro bono until her Medicaid “kicks in”. He also told me that Halifax has a pharmacy on site.

Update: To the best of my knowledge, Rodney never contacted Dr. Shoemaker. I should also note that as of August 2, 2012 — almost eight full months later — Medicaid still hasn’t “kicked in”.