Sophia Mas from Stewart-Marchman called to tell me that mom had received another card from me in the mail.

I asked Sophia if she liked it, and she told me that it was hard to tell because she didn’t seem to be aware of anything, and that when she tried to get her to read the card, it simply dropped from her hands to the floor.

The good news (!) is that Sophia confirmed that they are now “flushing her system” and she is no longer being administered any anti-psychotic drugs, including Risperdal.

Here are my notes from the call:

Sophia Mas called me; she said that mom simply dropped the recent card I sent when Sophia placed it in her hand; repeatedly said mom was very lethargic; obvious to me – mom stoned out of her mind all the time
Sophia said she was able to convince Dr. Caliendo to stop administering the anti-psychotic drugs, and that starting today (01/12/12) they were beginning to wean her off of (at least?) the Risperdal