Delia McClain, the Medicaid Client Services Specialist with ElderSource, responded to my plea for help with this email:

Good morning Mr. Gagne,
I am very sorry to say that at this time, nothing has changed regarding your mother's status since we'd last communicated. Also, there is no new information for the Dementia program. If/when her case status changes/needs updating, you will be contacted by the Volusia Council on Aging/Eldersource.
Thank you, 

Delia McClain, CIRS
Medicaid Client Services Specialist
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Mission:  To empower individuals to age with independence and dignity by providing leadership, direction, advocacy, and support for a comprehensive coordinated continuum of care.

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I replied to her about ten minutes later with:


Thank you very much for your response.  Is there anything at all that I can do to expedite this process?  I am happy to telephone or write an email or letter to any administrative official or politician who has influence over the allocation of funds.

Thank you sincerely,

David Vincent Gagne

And then three hours after that she replied with:

Mr. Gagne,
There is nothing that I can think of at this time that can you can do to expedite this process, however, please allow me to speak with my supervisor on next Tuesday and follow up with you about anything else and who to contact regarding funding allocation.
Thank you,