My sister asked me to send this email to Connie Wade 1 at Halifax because apparently they were giving her a hard time about returning my mother’s personal items to her. 2 It is a fine example of their strict policy regarding the arbitrary enforcement of their other policies. 3

Dear Connie,

This message is in regards to:
KATHLEEN ANNE GAGNE, aka “KATHIE” GAGNE, maiden name: [redacted]
DOB: 09/22/1948, SS#: [redacted]

Please consider this email as written confirmation of my approval to allow my sister, [redacted], to take possession of my mother’s personal articles currently being stored by Halifax.

I know when she was admitted she had on her person her wallet and some jewelry. My sister was informed that as her Guardian Advocate it is my responsibility to inform Halifax of this before they can be released to her.

Thank you sincerely,

1 I sent the email to both and to because I am still unclear which one is correct.
2 She never did respond.
3 They draw a hard line in the sand about returning a pair of eyeglasses, but they will change her medication without asking me? How does that make sense?