In early March I forwarded to Janis Stovall of Grace Manor Port Orange the email I sent to Connie Wade at Halifax a month earlier. I prefaced the forward with this note:

Dear Ms. Stovall,

Here is a message I sent to Connie at Halifax on February 6. I have edited the original message by removing some things that are no longer relevant.

Note that in the first paragraph I explicitly granted permission to discuss my mother’s care and condition with my sister and my wife. Connie, Marilyn, and Dr. Caliendo — for some reason which I cannot understand — interpreted that sentence to mean that I was granting my sister full permission to make decisions regarding my mother’s care and to communicate ONLY with my sister. I truly cannot imagine how that sentence could be misunderstood so badly (and nonchalantly) by medical professionals, but the fact remains that since I sent this email Connie and Marilyn now almost exclusively talk to my sister and ask her what to do regarding my mother. It is very frustrating.