I had a fairly long phone call with Janis Stovall from Grace Manor Port Orange. Here are my notes from the call:

  • Janis spoke with EverCare, a diversion plan; possibly 30 days 1
  • EverCare is a state-funded program
  • Department of Children & Families will give a list to providers, EverCare is on that list
  • assumes these programs are funded by grants
  • Janis was born in [redacted]; sympathizes with Baby Boomers
  • some strange ramblings about stem cells; she is afraid of having her stem cells harvested (?!) 2
  • ask about prescriptions; she said Grace Manor has a psychiatrist who comes in to talk to residents
  • she said Dr. Caliendo should be sending all the details he has to Dr. Shoemaker 3
  • EverCare will probably come through first; hopefully American Elder Care comes through, too
  • EverCare pays for rehab, hospital, bloodwork, etc.
  • can have psychologist or psychiatrist come in on a schedule to see mom 4
  • I need to sign a contract
  • mom “comes in as a respite” means she is doing a short-term contract, sort of a trial period
  • resident vs. respite – resident requires thirty day notice before leaving
  • monthly fee pays for cable, meals, activities
  • EverCare provides spending money
  • Grace Manor is working towards having a mini debit card for residents
  • said she’d email me a contract
  • memory care has only 116 people, assisted living has 38 5
  • main difference is more stimulation on the ALF side; memory care side is quieter

1 As far as I can determine, this was the first and last time anyone ever mentioned this program to me; certainly nothing ever “came through” thirty days after this call.
2 I really have no idea how or why she started talking about stem cell research, but her views on it were disconcerting (to put it mildly)
3 I have no knowledge of Dr. Caliendo ever contacting or sending any information to Dr. Shoemaker at all; I highly, highly doubt this ever happened.
4 This was far less organized than she presented.
5 The implication was that because the facility houses so few residents, it is easier for them to receive personalized care and attention.