In response to a prior email, I sent the following message to Janis Stovall at Grace Manor:

Dear Janis,

(1) Once again there is a point of confusion here. Connie at no point during our phone call yesterday morning indicated to me that my mother, Kathleen Gagne, could “sign in for herself”. We discussed that Dr. Caliendo was going to have to approve that my mother is competent, and Connie thought that would be the case, but it was not definite. I’m VERY glad to hear from you that someone has said my mother can sign the agreement, but — for my own peace of mind — I would certainly like to know WHO officially made this decision and WHEN.
I’m actually a bit confused as to how my mother could simultaneously be at Halifax Psychiatric Center under the provisions of the Baker Act *AND* be competent to sign a legal document. But that’s irrelevant.

(2) As far as I am concerned it is “a go” for her to move to Grace Manor.

(3) Please coordinate with my sister regarding transferring my mother’s personal items to Grace Manor. What is she allowed to bring with her? Does she need her own furniture? (If she doesn’t require furniture my sister can likely handle packing a suitcase for her without the assistance of a moving company. We appreciate the offer, though.)

(4) What is the next step? When do you think the transition will occur? Please keep my sister and I apprised. I would prefer if my sister could be with her for the ride from Halifax to Grace Manor.

(5) How do we handle payment to Grace Manor, when is it due, and what is the amount? Right now my mother’s only resource is her pension fund, and I will need to investigate how to withdraw funds from that.

(6) At what phone number(s) will I be able to reach my mother once she’s been relocated to Grace Manor? What mailing address should I use to send cards / letters?

Thank you sincerely,

David Vincent Gagne