I replied to my sister’s email and copied Janis Stovall and Janice Day at Grace Manor:

[name redacted],

I can get you the details about Elder Source tomorrow when I get to my office.  The assessment was definitely done; I will get you the date and the name of the person that did it as soon as I can.  I know for certain it was completed because -- as usual -- every government agency involved with that process made every mistake possible before I was able to get it done correctly.

As for the drugs:

I don't understand why she is still on Namenda.  I thought we'd been told by several people that it has no proven beneficial effects at all and a plethora of negative side effects.

I know that Ativan is an anti-depressant.  And I see that, according to Google, Celexa (not Celexia) is also an anti-depressent.  (This is a new drug for her as far as I know.  Did Dr. Buck start her on this?)

Lopressor, Prinivil, and Lozar are all used to treat high blood pressure.  (I am guessing you meant Lozar and not Zozar.)  Can you try to get someone to explain why she is being treated with three separate prescriptions for high blood pressure? I thought you said there was some question as to whether she even had high blood pressure in the first place.

In your last message you indicated that Dr. Buck was trying to minimize the number of drugs in her system, so it seems odd to me that she'd be getting three separate drugs to treat high blood pressure, two separate anti-anxiety drugs, and one drug that nobody seems to think does anything valuable.

Thanks for the update, [name redacted].

David Vincent Gagne