My sister just sent me the following email. She copied Janis Stovall and Janice Day at Grace Manor Port Orange:

Dr. Moore, one of the psychiatrists from Halifax, came to see Mom around noon. Mom was pretty sleepy at the time. Dr. Moore asked me some questions regarding Mom’s history. He also tried to ask Mom a few questions, but she was fairly unresponsive. Dr. Moore did not say much to me at the time, but he did say that her condition did not seem as much like dementia as catatonic.

Dr. Buck returned later in the day to check on Mom. He is going to have the catheter removed (I assume Tuesday) to see how she does, and he is going to have a physical therapist come in to work with Mom to get her walking again. He said that she seemed to be having a “major depressive syndrome” which would put her in a catatonic state. (Mom has not been very animated since she has been here, other than occasionally pulling herself up to a sitting position as if she wants to get out of bed and her aggressive behaviors towards me.) Dr. Buck said that as far as he can tell, it seems as if she has a fairly healthy brain for someone her age. Dr. Buck went over some of Mom’s older records and seems to be pretty adamant about getting to the root of things.

She is now on Celexia 1, Zozar 2, Namenda, Lopressor, Prinivil, and Ativan.

Lee, from Chamberlin Edmonds, is going to help me through the Social Security Disability process which should quicken the Medicaid process. She said that if Mom was on the Diversion Wait List, someone from Elder Source would have visited Mom and done an assessment. Can anyone verify if that has happened?


1 The correct spelling is Celexa.
2 I couldn’t find any drug by this name and have no idea what it was.