My sister just sent me this very disturbing email:

I told Dr Moore no Haldol. He is taking Mom off Cymbalta. Her behavior has been off the chain the last couple of days-constant crying, starting some hallucination type comments, and a slew of the other side effects the Cymbalta ads say "notify your Dr right away if". They just stopped it this afternoon. I don't know what she needs to be on. Pam, a social worker for the hospital, has contacted a couple of nursing homes she wants me to check out to be prepared if Mom cannot go back to Grace Manor right away. Jan, Grace Manor RN, should be coming by tomorrow to see how Mom is. 

Not happy so far with any nursing home I googled, but I will go visit them early tomorrow. (Manor on the Green and Daytona Beach Health & Rehab Center are the 2 she gave me pamphlets for.) 

This is madness right now. 

Any word from [name redacted]?