Here’s an email I just received from my sister:

I think I told you that they took Mom off of the Cymbalta the other night. I have not heard from Jan yet, but I think she may have already visited Mom today. I can’t imagine that if she saw Mom as she has been since I have been here today, that she would think Mom would do well to go back to Grace right now. I visited 1 rehab/nursing home today that Lynn suggested, the Health Center of Daytona. The 2 that the Social Worker on this floor recommended Lynn said were dumps. And I don’t think a rehab/nursing home is going to help Mom at this point. Maybe we need to see what can be done to get her into Shands.

Also, we need to spend down her money, but I don’t want to pay Grace Manor for May if she is not going there. I will try to get a hold of Jan asap. But even if she says Mom can go back there, I am not so sure that will help. There are a few other big bills – $600ish for her neurologist seeing her in the psych ward, plus her bill from the Deland hospital $1000ish – that I can pay. The money needs to be moved so we can reapply for Medicaid. What do you think?

If you want to see how Mom has been the last few days, I can record her, but it is up to you.

Love you.