My sister sent me this email:

Hi, David.

I have been talking to Jann at Coastal Rehab. She suggested I pay them $2000 up front to cover physical therapy for a couple months. This would spend down the money enough so that Mom will qualify for Medicaid which would then cover the other expenses at Coastal because they pay retroactively. Coastal also has a psychologist and psychiatrist that would be working with Mom.

I am waiting to talk to Dr. Buck to find out more about why Mom may not be urinating properly.

I spoke with Victoria at the Volusia County Courthouse who said I could basically fax a doctor’s note to them stating why Mom would not be in court tomorrow. Susan, Mom’s Case Manager at Halifax, and Dr. Moore have both written notes which will be faxed today.

I have to go to the Social Security office to pick up a form showing that the disability process has been started and still need to meet with the Chamberlin Edmonds rep at the hospital to finish the Medicaid application today.

Tomorrow I will go to Grace Manor with the same Dr note which will release us from having to give them a 30 day notice. It basically shows that Mom needs skilled nursing care beyond what Grace Manor offers at this time.

I am glad that the last 2 days, Mom has seemed a little better. Nothing amazing, but I will rejoice in the little things. I was told that they had her up and walking the hallway holding onto the railing this morning (with the wheelchair following right behind her). She is also eating much better and not crying quite as much.

Let me know what other questions you have or what your plans are for when you get here.

Love you.

[name redacted]