An update from my little sister, sent from Halifax:

Hey, David.

[…] Dr. Buck said that medically speaking, Mom’s physical condition is not critical enough that it warrants continuing to be in the hospital. Mom will need to go to a nursing home next. My thoughts are that I can get things in place for that, and then when you get here you can reassess. Meanwhile, we should look into if it would be possible to get her to Shands or a similar facility. I like the idea of Shands because I know of at least a few people that may visit her, compared to if she ended up in Jacksonville or elsewheres. As she is now, she is not a probable return to Grace Manor. I have been to The Health Center of Daytona Beach (near Halifax), and it seemed ok. Dr. Buck had his mom there and thinks it would be a good choice, as did the Social Director from Grace. Dr. Buck is going to have the social worker at Halifax that I have been talking to setup a meeting. We are also going to see if Coastal Health and Rehab Center could be a potential as well. Hoping that whatever funding is needed can be used to pay down her funds to get closer to Medicaid.

Dr. Buck was also talking about decreasing her Ativan, and giving her an a.m. Seroquel. She has a busy day with the physical therapists this morning. They put her in a wheelchair and had her scooting down the hallway using her feet, as well as getting up and down a few times. She was asleep when I got here this afternoon and agitated pretty much the entire time she was awake. It is like watching someone in a nightmare they cannot wake up from. The only way I have been able to describe it. Yesterday she was better. Seemed calmer. Clapped along to “Eh Cumpari”. Almost looked like she was going to smile when we watched “Golden Girls”. I hope for more days like yesterday.

Since Mom is 90% not going back to Grace at this time, you need to let me know if I should put the tv in storage or if you want to do something else with it.

I am sure there is more I need to say, but my head hurts, and it’s time for me to leave the hospital.