At 11:48 am I saw that I had missed a call at 11:29 am from Woodland Terrace. There was a thirteen second voice mail from Sue-Lynn, who simply left her number as (386) 738-3433, said she was calling from Woodland Terrace, and asked me to return the call. She didn’t seem to indicate that there was any urgent need for me to call immediately, but of course I did.

Here is a transcript of the message:

Hi. My name is Sue-Lynn. I’m calling from Woodland Terrace. The number here is (386) 738-3433. If you can give me a call back it’d be much appreciated. Thank you.

I called Woodland Terrace at 11:50 am and had a fifteen minute call with Sue-Lynn. She told me that they had found my mom on the floor next to her bed that morning. Sue-Lynn said that they didn’t think my mom suffered any injuries, but they had performed several x-rays to make sure.

I did my best to quickly give Sue-Lynn a synopsis of my mom’s recent history, which was difficult because I had a very poor wireless connection at the time. Sue-Lynn asked if I’d like her to call me with the results of the x-rays even if they were fine and I told her that, yes, I would very much like to get confirmation that everything was okay. Sue-Lynn said that she understood, but nobody called at any point to tell me the results of the x-rays.