I just received the following email from my sister:

Hey, David.

Sorry. I am house-sitting for someone for ther next few weeks and was busy moving my things around, and they do not seem to have a good internet connection at their apartment.

I called Social Security today. They have to make a decision by August 2nd. I was told the process usually takes about 5 months. I will have to go to a local social security office to get details, but it seems as if they are still waiting to get approval to look at Mom’s medical records. The person with whom I spoke was not able to see the details but said I could get them by going into a local office. He was not able to tell me if it was because they were waiting for a response from Mom’s doctor about Mom’s incapacitation or not.

Misty gave me the case number so I can check the Medicaid status online. I will let you know when I know anything about it.

I paid The Park since I realized that if that goes to debt collection it would probably show up against me since the apartment was in my name. That put it back under $2000.

What are the doctors saying? Why did a nurse tell me Mom is having trouble walking because of her “altered mental state”? Is she on any new drugs?

[redacted] I wonder if she even realizes that I have called her or if it matters to her at all anymore. I have people sending me bills for her, [redacted], [redacted] calling me to ask what is going on with her … [redacted] …

I love you. [redacted]