I called Woodland Terrace on my way into work this morning. I was hoping to get a chance to talk to Shelly Sparace to determine if she had made any progress on mom’s application for Medicaid. I also hadn’t heard or seen any response to the multiple emails my sister sent two days ago, so I wanted to confirm that they were received.

When the receptionist answered the phone, I simply asked to speak with Shelly Sparace. She said, “One moment, please,” and I was transferred to a voice mail box. There was a man’s voice on the outgoing message, but he indicated that I would be leaving a message for the social services department (or something along those lines) so I assumed he was someone who worked in the same office as Shelly.

I left my name and phone number — repeating each one three times, as I’ve learned to always do on voice mail systems — and asked for someone to return my call.

It was 6:50 AM PDT when I left the message, which would have been 9:50 AM EDT, but nobody returned my call all day.