Immediately after leaving a message on the voice mail for the social workers office, I called Woodland Terrace again and asked to speak to Sherri Spillman, the administrator. The receptionist told me that she wasn’t in the facility yet, so I asked if I could leave her a voice mail.

The receptionist didn’t respond, but I was transferred to Sherri’s voice mail box.

As politely as possible, I left a message for Sherri to let her know that I was still having a tremendously difficult time getting my mother on the phone. I explained very quickly that I had called to talk to my mom multiple times in the last week and been unable to get her on the phone, and that it was very frustrating.

I told Sherri that I wasn’t “mad”, but I did want to make sure that she knew I was still having problems.

(Sherri did not return my call today. To be fair, though, I did not specifically request that she return my call.)