I received a voice mail from Rosa Rivera in the admissions office at Woodland Terrace. Here is a transcript of the message:

“Good morning, David. This is Rosa at Woodland Terrace in the admissions office. I’m calling ’cause we received (uhm) only about a few of the consents and acknowledgements that were sent and I’m looking to see if there would be any possible way that the remaining of them can be (uhm) sent over today. We do need to complete this chart. I’m sorry but I’ve had it sitting on my desk for way too long and the business office needs to have ’em, and also the nursing station needs a copy of every single consent and acknowledgement that I sent to you. If you can please call me back (386) 738-3433 just to let me know how soon you can do this. It’s been quite a few days and the nursing station usually has to have everything for state purposes. Thank you. Buh-bye.”