I got an email from my sister letting me know she had talked to Shelly Sparace at Woodland Terrace:

Hey, David.

I talked to Shelly this morning. I asked her to call you and share with you what she told me so if you had further questions she could answer them. 
She said she could not check the Medicaid status today because Sylvia is not in, but that she would send them the information regarding the CARES level today. 
She also said she could sign the authorization forms if we wanted which I thought would be ok since those need to be faxed to Medicaid ASAP. 

Also, did [name redacted] get a hold of you yesterday? She called me while she was with Mom. She found Mom's glasses in the bottom of a box. She tried to get Mom to talk to me, but all Mom did was cry. She said "yes" through some sobbing once when I asked her if she could hear me. [name redacted] thought she said my name, but I don't remember hearing it. 

Love you