My sister sent me this email:

Hi, David.

Sylvia 1 returned my phone call this afternoon. She said that it would be best to go ahead and send them a payment from Mom’s Social Security equivalent to her monthly amount minus the $[redacted] that will go into Mom’s Personal Trust (Mom’s “fun”money account, so to speak). She said that otherwise, once Mom’s Medicaid is approved, we wold have to cover that amount retroactively. Plus, it keeps Mom’s accounts less than the $[redacted] that Medicaid requires.

I just mailed a final check to Grace Manor to clear out Mom’s account with them. I will get a check to Woodland Terrace as soon as possible.

From what I understood of what Sylvia said, the parts of Medicaid that Mom was denied are the ones that don’t really apply to her anyway, such as the ones directed for people still living at home. She says that the type of Medicaid that is applied towards a nursing home is still in process, that Medicaid has all the paperwork, and that there is nothing left for us to do.

As for therapy, Sylvia said you would have to check with the nursing staff to see exactly what they are doing. Sylvia said that the physical therapists usually do a Restorative Plan for patients, and that the nurses should be doing range of motion exercises and things to keep her participating in activities, at the very least.

Hopefully, we should know by Wednesday 2 about Mom’s Social Security Disability. […]

1 Sylvia Gray, business office manager at Woodland Terrace
2 I assume she meant today, Wednesday, August 1, 2012. I’ll have to clarify that with her.