This morning I called Jessica Silvey — the unit manager of the West wing at Woodland Terrace — to ask her about the psychologist who saw mom yesterday and my conversation last night with Nurse Cheryl. She was very nice and super helpful; she explained everything.

The confusion stemmed from the fact that mom saw both a psychologist and a psychiatrist yesterday. As I suspected, the psychologist, Dr. Susan Merrick, was not the one who suggested that mom start taking Risperdal. That request came from the psychiatrist, Dr. Stephanie Mossler. (Nurse Cheryl was correct about getting approval from Dr. Peele, though.)

Jessica told me that this morning Nurse Luanne called Huntington Health Care, the company that employs Dr. Mossler, and requested that they have her call me to discuss the new medication. Jessica also said that she would double-check later this afternoon (before she left for the day) to make sure they call me.

Huntington Health Care is the same company that employed Dr. Stephen Oh — the doctor Shelly told me would be seeing mom — but he has apparently moved, which is why Dr. Mossler is seeing mom now instead.