I called Woodland Terrace and Marty answered. I told her I needed to talk to Ida, because I don’t want them to give my mom Risperdal. She said, “Hold on,” and then, “Whoops! That line is busy. She just picked up. Hold on.”

After one minute she returned and said, “Hold on,” and then Lisa answered the line and said she was at the nurses’ station. I asked her if we had talked before and she said no and that there were two Lisas that worked there. I asked her if I could tell her what was going on, and she said she’s not mom’s nurse today. Lisa asked me if I wanted to talk to Luanna or Ida.

I said that Ida had hung up on me and was very rude to me earlier this morning, but I’d be happy to talk to Luanna. Lisa asked me to hold on and a minute later Luanne came on the line.

I explained what was going on to Luanne, and said she had given my mom Ativan but not Risperdal, and then said that Ida was standing right there listening to our call and that she wanted to talk to me. I said, “Okay,” and Luanne gave the phone to Ida.

Ida said, “Hello,” and I said, “Hello, Ida.” Then there was an uncomfortable ten or fifteen seconds of silence before I again said, “Hello?”

Ida said, “They told me you wanted to talk to me.”

I said that I was only calling because I wanted to make sure they weren’t giving my mom Risperdal. Ida told me that I needed to call on Monday to talk to the administrator. She said that I needed to stop, “calling and harassing my nurses.”

I said that I wasn’t harassing anyone and was just trying to take care of my mom. She said, “We are taking care of her. Thank you,” and hung up on me.

This phone call lasted thirteen minutes.