RxPerts Pharmacy, TampaAt 3:42 PM EDT I received a phone call from (847) 241-3200, an Illinois phone number. It was Mary in the billing department at RxPerts Pharmacy. I gave her my last name and my mother’s name and she was happy to discuss my mother’s bill with me.

I did not inform her that my mother died on Sunday. I asked her if she had a summary of my mother’s bill for the month of August and she said she did. She then told me that she did see that her company fulfilled an order for a one-month supply of Risperidone (60 pills) on August 7th.

I asked her if she could email me a copy of the August invoice detailing that and she said — after making sure I understood that the month was not over and there would surely be more charges added to it — that she would have one of her employees do that. I gave her my email address, thanked her, and said goodbye.

The entire call lasted four minutes.

Update: It is currently 11:59 PM EDT and I have yet to receive an email from RxPerts Pharmacy.