I just sent this email to Dr. Cusack of Cusack Mortuary:

Hey Allen,

I’m just checking on the status of my mother’s cremation. On the 6th you said that we might receive her ashes as early as the 7th; I have not heard from you since then and I haven’t received anything.

Is everything okay?

Thanks in advance,

Allen replied at 11:32 AM with:

All is well. I apologize for responding to you. I was out ill a few days with migranes and blood pressure issues. Now that its settled, your mother has been cremated and sent to you. I will find out from Dad what the expected receive date it. I saw to it that she was sent as you requested, but I did not send her out personally. I will let you know what day/date to look for her to arrive home.

I replied to him at 11:36 AM with:

Okay. Thank you very much, Allen.