At some point towards the end of March 2001, I purchased a coffee mug for my mom as a joke.

In late July of 2000, a friend of mine 1 had written a blog post titled The Best Damn Kudu He Can Be. Here is the original post:


My favorite animal at the Zoo is the lesser kudu. You have to admire an animal with a name like that, laboring as he must in the shadow of the greater kudu. It must be like having an older brother who excelled at sports and academics in school, to whom you have always been compared and found lacking. A few months ago, I was visiting the Zoo at lunch with a friend and discovered the area where the lesser kudu is ordinarily found was empty.

I hope he made a break for it. I hope he made his way out into the world, free of expectations, shedding labels, determined only to be the best damn kudu he could be.


A short while later, after receiving tremendous kudos for his post on the kudu, he had coffee mugs printed with his blog’s logo and some sort of note about Les R. Koodoo or something like that. I can barely remember now. But I bought one for my mom and she loved it. She thought it was absolutely hysterical and she frequently thanked me for it.

I have no idea what happened to that mug. It might be in the storage locker my sister assembled for her. It might have disappeared. They don’t seem to be for sale any longer. But, damn, did we laugh about Les R. Koodoo.

1 now deceased, sadly