In the middle of September I remembered how cold Dr. Caliendo sounded when he told me that there would be no way to tell what (if anything) was wrong with mom’s brain until she was dead and we performed an autopsy. So I sent this email to my attorney this morning:

Hey Steve,

This is sort of a difficult request, but I feel like I should make it.

On multiple occasions I was told by Dr. Caliendo that there would be no way to determine the extent or “version” of my mother’s “dementia”, if she did, in fact, suffer from dementia — or whether she had Alzheimer’s — without an autopsy.

I realize that it may potentially be too late to ask this, but can you please ask Dr. Wolf if she (a) analyzed my mother’s brain and (b) was able to determine anything about what may have been afflicting her memory and faculties?

I am asking you this because you said it is better if I do not communicate with Dr. Wolf directly.

Thank you in advance,

Note: I never received a response to this email, and the autopsy results did not indicate any abnormalities in my mother’s brain.