Seems like it’s been a long, sort of lonely day. I ate junk all day, too, and spent too much money, and my head felt funny.

Jen called, so that was a bright spot. I guess they got tickets to the game. The Gators won and looked great and will probably stay at #1.

I played some Scrabble (I’m up over 1700), and I filed for unemployment. If Vonnie calls my checks severance, I will have wasted $275. times at least 4 weeks.

Mom wanted me to buy her 20 lottery tickets, and I talked her into 10. None of them were winners.

I got out my CD/tape player and started to listen to some tapes of the kids. Daddy’s voice was on one of them, and it made me cry. I called Dic & told him I had it and he was crying, too. I guess I’ll go to Daytona with it tomorrow. I was rewinding it and the tape broke. I called Radio Shack and a young guy named Brian said he would help me with it, so I went there around 7:00 PM, and we got it fixed. He was really nice. He said his grandfather had died and they had a tape. I wonder why I’ve been thinking about Daddy so much.

I went to lunch with Cynthia Stewart. She’s going to go to Santa Fe CC to learn about childhood care. I wish I could make up my mind what to do. I’m getting really scared about money and getting a job.

Between Susan & Mike Boaz and John Pezzitti, I am getting a lot of support about approving of and valuing myself.

I still feel good about the future — just scared — a little.

Tried to call David, but he didn’t answer his cell. I wonder if they got tickets to the Red Sox / Yankees game. The Sox lost.

I am so lucky / blessed / grateful to have these incredible “children” in my life. I am more amazed every day, and my love for them grows ever stronger.
Kathleen A. Gagne