“Letters to Mom”

One of her journals I found is titled “Letters to Mom”. It’s a collection of letters she wrote to her mother — my “Nana Anna” — starting about four months after her death.

Hi, again, Mom.

Things are strange. I may get a lot of money because you died. it doesn’t seem right. I really miss your hugs, and I feel lost and more alone than ever.

I went to Cedar Key today with my friend, Donna. It was okay, but it was drizzling some of the time, and all I bought were a couple of books.

I feel overwhelmed a lot. My life, my job, David getting married are all very stressful issues right now.

The Red Sox are coming on soon. Maybe I’ll hear from the kids.

I’m trying to talk Dic into going to Disney for Christmas instead of pandering to all the people who come to mooch off them. I don’t think he’ll do it.

I love you, Mom! I miss you,
Kathleen A. Gagne