“Letters to Mom”

One of her journals I found is titled “Letters to Mom”. It’s a collection of letters she wrote to her mother — my “Nana Anna” — starting about four months after her death.

Hi, Mom.

I drove to Daytona today for your birthday. Dic and I each drank a shot of Amaretto in your honor.

Life is so different without you here. I truly miss your hugs, and, most of all, your smile.

By the way, the Red Sox were the best team in baseball all year, and tonight they won the World Series. If there is a heaven for sports fans, I hope you and daddy are celebrating.

I keep feeling as if I have lost my anchor. Maybe that happens to everyone when their Mom dies, but I don’t know.

I’m trying to get my life back on some kind of track. There has been so much going on all year, and I’m exhausted and stressed all the time. I’m really grateful that Donna and I have been going out on weekends.

I love you, Mom. I wish you were here for 87, but I’m so grateful that you were here for 58 yrs.

I love you, Mom,
Kathleen A. Gagne