“Letters to Mom”

One of her journals I found is titled “Letters to Mom”. It’s a collection of letters she wrote to her mother — my “Nana Anna” — starting about four months after her death.


Hi, Mom,

I’ve been eating tons of chocolate.

I started eating right today, and I already feel better.

Look, if you’re up there, please keep an eye on David & Jenny.

I’m so far away. I miss them and you all the time.

I want to hear your voice. I want to ask you questions. I want you to laugh. You have a great laugh!

Anyway, my ribs aren’t hurting so much now. It was warm today, but it’s supposed to be cold again for the rest of the week.

Mr. P.B. has an ear infection, and I’m giving him ear drops.

Mocha is great. I love you and I think you would like her.

Anyway, I’m tired and getting ready to watch tennis.

Australian Open. I think I want to go to Australia for a vacation. Maybe Jen will come.

Love you always,

Kathleen A. Gagne