My sister sent me this email:

Yo, Bro.

I talked to [name redacted] this morning. She hasn’t talked to Mom since Sunday, but I am sure she is fine.

[name redacted] says that Dr. Fulop, the neurologist, is not happy with Dr. Oh. I am not entirely thrilled with him either and think it would be good to be looking (or asking [name redacted], etc) for another psychiatrist, as well as a counselor. He did renew her prescription for 40mg of Citalopram a day but said that Mom has to request to be put on anti-anxiety meds. ([name redacted] asked if she should be on abilify or something and that is what he told her.)

Dr. Fulop wants to do some neuro-cognitive testing to determine the extent of Mom’s dementia – if it is psychological or something more. She recommended 2 psychologists in the area, Dr. Kathryn Billiot and Dr. Meril Sohn. [name redacted] was able to talk to Dr. Sohn who said that if the testing goes, worst-case scenerio, from 9am-4pm, it would cost $1440. I said I thought it would be good to have [name redacted] speak to Dr. Fulop or one of these other doctors.

I told [name redacted] that we want to find someone to watch her take her meds everyday. I suggested, since [name redacted] takes her to church on Sundays, that covers that day. Then, if [name redacted] is able to get in a routine with Mom, she could maybe go Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to make sure Mom takes her meds, but also to get her into s schedule – like Mondays they grocery shop for the week, Wednesdays the beach…something something. Then, if we could find an RN or someone who would go there the other 3 days and do meds and help her with more domestic stuff, making sure the house is getting cleaned and her laundry is done and other appointments, that would allow her time with [name redacted] to be more fun. Maybe having that kind of pattern, would help her.

I don’t know. What do you and [name redacted] think? The sooner we find someone to do this the better because any meds she periodically takes before then is a waste. […]