Here is an email I sent to Rodney Curtis 1 2, the discharge coordinator at Stewart-Marchman, and copied to my sister:


Thanks for talking to me today. Here is the information I have regarding which medications my mother was taking prior to being admitted to Stewart-Marchman, and the doctors she’s been seeing. This information was provided to me by her friend, [name redacted]. ([name redacted] is a friend of my mom’s from her church.)

Dr. Stephen Oh is her psychiatric doctor – (386) 258-6455
Dr. Dahila Fulop is her psychologist – Neurology Associates – (386) 673-2500
Dr. Dannie Buck is her internist – (386) 676-0505

Prescribed by Dr. Buck:

1. Metoprolol ER 100 mg Tab WAT (generic for TOPROL XL 100mg Tab) – once per day, for blood pressure control
Rx [redacted] @ Wal-Mart
2. Lisinopril 10 mg tab internal LB – once per day, for blood pressure control
Rx [redacted] @ Wal-Mart
3. Sertraline Hydrochloride Tablets 100mg Tab Int – once per day, for depression
Rx [redacted] @ Wal-Mart

She also takes the following supplements:
1. Spring Valley – Fish, Flaxseed, Borage Oil Omega 3,6,9 – 2 per day
2. Spring Valley – Natural Calcium 600 mg with Vitamin D – 1 per day
3. Spring Valley – Follate – 1 per day

Today on the phone you told me that while at Stewart-Marchman she has been taking:
1. Aricept @ 5mg/day
2. Risperdal @ 2mg/twice daily

Thank you for all your help,

Please reply and / or call me to confirm that you received this message. My contact information is below.

David Vincent Gagne

Shortly after sending that, I sent the following email to my sister:

Rodney gave me the wrong email address for himself, that’s why you got two copies of that email.
And I am not even really sure if the second one is the right address either.
I get the feeling that Stewart-Marchman is not on the cutting edge of technology. He seemed to have no idea what his own email address is.

1 I sent this message three different times because Rodney did not know what his own email address was. I sent it to,, and
2 I also sent the exact same email to Sophia Mas at 12:10 PM PST on the following day, December 9, 2011.