I forwarded my sister the earlier email from Sophia Mas, and added this note:

[name redacted],

Sophia didn’t include you in her response to me, so I’m forwarding you what she just sent me. You can read it below.

In Sophia’s message she refers to talking to me on the phone. That was just a few minutes ago, around 1:00pm PT. Unfortunately she called while I was in the middle of a loud restaurant and it was very difficult for me to understand either one of them. Mom didn’t seem to be making any sense, though. She kept telling Sophia that I had a new grandchild, and Sophia kept trying to make her understand that [name redacted] is her grandchild and not mine. She did remember [name redacted]’s name, which was sort of nice, but had no answer at all when Sophia asked how old he was. She said she thought he was 35, and then Sophia asked if she meant that I was 35 and not [name redacted] (and that was extra confusing because she had previously correctly been able to tell Sophia that I am 38). But mom seemed to be just a deer in the headlights faced with these questions.

It was just another awful call.

David Vincent Gagne