I just received the following email from Sophia Mas at Stewart-Marchman:


I can see how is difficult for you to not see your mother snap back to he
Functioning self - We hope that she will improve however I don't know her recovery time-line & to what degree she will recover fully - I saw your mother this am & again when I brought her to my office.  There are times during the day when she is clearer than others.  Usually if she's been laying down it takes her a while to get oriented and be in the present moment - when you recently talked to her she had just had the afternoon nap - we have "quiet time" from 2:30 to 3:30pm.  In the morning she was more alert & she attended group - after lunch she was very confused & grabbed clothes belonging to another client & picked-up her basket of clothes (each resident has a laundry basket in their room) and said she was leaving as she proceeded to try opening the locked door from the unit to the hallway  - had to be given Ativan prn to calm down - Dr. Caliendo saw her & adjusted her medications -  I will give you a call tomorrow morning your time -  take care