Rodney Curtis, the discharge coordinator at Stewart-Marchman ACT called me at four o’clock this afternoon and we had a lengthy conversation. Here are my notes from the call:


Rodney called

said an ALF was found in Palm Coast

said that in the last 3 or 4 days (01/16-01/19) mom has gotten worse, she’s unable to bathe or dress herself, is not maintaining her hygiene

noted that her meds had been decreased

said a representative from “Daytona Rehab” visited, but that he (Rodney) can’t “place her” because she has no insurance and is not receiving disability

said they are transferring her from Stewart-Marchman-Act to the Halifax Hospital Geriatric Ward

Rodney said she was sent to the Halifax ER “last week” and I freaked out

reviewed his notes, came back about five minutes later and realized/admitted mom was not sent to Halifax ER at all

Rodney was clearly shocked to learn that I call my mom every day

said Jan. 18th was last day of Respirdal

Rodney had no idea that I was working on applying for financial aid; clearly not ever talking to Sophia Mas

said mom being transported to Halifax today, sometime after 7PM ET

said no ALF will take her because she can’t bathe or dress herself, and no nursing home will take her because she has no insurance

Rodney asked why she’s not receiving social security; I explained that she has been receiving social security since NOVEMBER ’10

said Halifax & Stewart-Marchman are only two “Baker Act Receiving Facilities” in Volusia County

noted that Halifax is a hospital and Stewart-Marchman is not

said Stewart-Marchman is a state-funded, non-profit facility

Rodney told me he would call me tomorrow (Jan 20) when he knows she’s transferred

386-254-4080 is psychiatric unit “A”, and she would probably be transferred by 5:30PT/8:30ET